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Overcoming Discouragement and Coming to Terms with who I am NOT. {Lifestyle}

Monday morning I woke to the gentle sound of the rain on my rooftop. It is a sound that frequently makes me smile and quietens my soul. However, not this one particular morning, I was rigid and cold. I knew I was not myself and that this day was going to be a challenge for me.

My husband woke up and tried to caress my back and greet the morning together but all I could do was lay there in a muteness. Understandably so, he eventually got up and out of bed in irritation due to my lack of warmness and my silence. 

I continued to lay in my bed where I feel most comfort in times when discouragement overcomes and encompasses me. This thing called life is not easy. Emotions are deceiving and I tend to let them get into my head. It’s when the depression sneaks up on me, even still. 

Purple People Eater Chocolate Bark {Halloween/Baking}

*disclosure: I was compensated by to share a Halloween treat*

Who else is starting to get super excited for Halloween?! In our house, we have a countdown on the fridge and each day our oldest marks a day off and counts how much more. We are down to 10 days people!

I'm usually not the type to make any kind of Halloween treats but this year I've been more into baking and creating and this time with the motivation from to get my butt in gear!

A few days ago I saw a video on purple people eater floats with ice cream and purple soda and thought that is a great idea. We are not pop drinkers in our house, well not the kids anyhow but I loved the idea of the purple people eater because it is a song that takes me way back to my childhood, anyone else? It was a one eyed one horn flying purple people eater! 

I decided to combine that idea but with a chocolate bark recipe and add that spin on it.

Hiking the Earth: Whytecliff Park {Adventure/#ExploreBC}

As my belly grows it is getting a bit more difficult to adventure. However, we have an abundance of easy to moderate hikes and locations to explore that this mama is able to do. Almost a month ago now, wow time goes at the speed of light sometimes, we packed up and headed towards Vancouver, BC to check out Whytecliff Park.

Whytecliff Park is about an hours drive from the Langley area. Located in the West Vancouver area near Horseshoe Bay. The park opened in 1909 and is one of the first Marine Protected areas in Canada. You may even get lucky to spot some sea lions sunbathing on the beach during the summer months.

Instead of heading straight to the famous rock surfaces that you tend to always see on social media we checked out a different look out and explored some of the rock faces there. What we loved about this side of the park were the numerous benches that are set up. There was also a couple that had laid a blanket down and was just reading. This would be a perfect spot to distress or have a romantic picnic together.

Your Kids are so Good {Motherhood/Parenting}

About a month ago I was doing my mom thang by running errands with my kids. I was lucky enough to only have two on this day as my oldest was in school. I always try and get it done first thing in the morning after they have had a good breakfast and aren’t tired from the day. This is when I can get to at least 2 stores without any concerns.

Being a mom of three I get a lot of  the same comments when I am out but the one that really gets under my skin is, “You sure do you have your hands full.” Why? Why is there a need to say that? Are you offering to help? Or just making a statement that you feel you need too? I usually just smile and nod but inside I’m screaming at that person. I digress. 

This time, when I was out I got a new one. It took me off guard a little bit. I was standing in line to pay and my two that were with me were just quietly looking at all the toys and candy that they just happen to display right near the register, which is every parent's damn nightmare. The woman in front of me turns and says, “Wow, your kids are so good.” I, of course, said thank you and she continued to stare in amazement at how well behaved my youngsters were.