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5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Picnic Spot

One of the reasons I love summer is the opportunity for more time to gather family and friends for a picnic. There is something exceptionally special about the atmosphere that eating outdoors brings. Things are not as rushed; the kids can run around and get their silly’s out while we, as parents, can relax a little bit more.

Having the right area is key to a great time.  Today I want to share with you a little gem that I came across recently that checks off all the boxes when it comes to the perfect spot, Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, BC. This place is not only perfect for a picnic, but it is full of rich Canadian history of the Stewart family who was a Surrey pioneer family that lived on the site from 1880 to 1944. You can even have the chance to take a guided tour of the grounds while you are there during open hours.

Here are my top FIVE tips for finding that perfect spot.

1)      Picnic Tables

Not everyone can sit on the ground. Insert back problems and the elderly. Having somewhere comfortable to sit is everything, my friends. If you aren’t comfortable, you ain’t going to be having a good time. The grounds on the farm have plenty of picnic tables that are very well maintained.

2)      Large Grass Area to Play

My children LOVE to run around, climb trees and kick a ball around when we have a picnic. Having a large area for play is essential. We usually bring a soccer ball, but a Frisbee would work as well or a baseball and glove.

A Small Adventure is Still an Adventure {Shop Local/Product Review}

If you have been following along here at Adventurous Mama and more so over on Instagram you will know that this healing process after Margaret's birth hasn't been easy. My body is having a hard time coming back. I haven't been able to hike, and I have had to say, "No" more than I've liked to.

In my mind, an adventure is climbing a mountain and reaching a summit. But not all adventures need to reach the top of a mountain do they?  They can just be taking a small little stroll in nature. Exploring a small local trail like Campbell Valley or heading to the nearest beach. My mind frame needs to shift, a lot, as my body takes the time it needs to heal fully. 

My kids also do not care where we are just as long as we are all together. For a child the backyard can even be an adventure when they create it to be. I definately need to take some lessons from them from time to time. 

In our recent adventure in Fort Langley myself and my littles wore some tees by Dani, from True North Trading Post.

True North Trading Post is an online boutique run by Dani and her Mother, Connie. They have a deep passion for all things Canadian and handmade. All the products offered in thier shop have been hand selected by them from artians across Canada. 

Finding the Perfect Fit {Women's Fashion}

I have been talking a lot about body image ever since I’ve had my fourth baby, Margaret. I want to feel comfortable in my body. I want other moms who are ashamed or feel scared to go out in public for fear of judgment to feel proud and empowered by their bodies. It’s not easy is it ladies?

Unfortunately, I have a few extra challenges when it comes to loving my body and finding the perfect fitting clothing this time around. I have something called Recti Diastasis, which is the separation of my abdominal muscles. This condition makes me look about 5-6 months pregnant still. It’s a royal pain in my arse. I’m also nursing, so my clothing needs to be breastfeeding friendly. 

I have been searching and searching for clothing that best suits my needs that I can also possibly wear after I’ve hung up all those nursing bras. I wanted them to be lightweight, a relaxed fit but also stylish. Chews Boutique has just what this mama is looking for. 

Chews Boutique is an online store and local to my area. Most of her clothing is simple and relaxed and for me, super easy to pop a nursing tank top underneath and turn it into a versatile outfit that will take me through the stage I am at now into post nursing.