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A Letter to My Wife on Valentine's Day {Guest Post}

To my Beautiful & Pregnant Wife on Valentine’s Day,

Happy Valentine’s Day!

8 years ago today, I made the biggest and BEST decision of my life! I made the decision to ask you to marry me on that candle lit dock at Camp Qwanoes! Can you believe that it has been eight years? Lots of things have changed. We have moved what seems like a million times, we have transformed from a family of just two to a family of almost six, we have traveled the world (haha I know very funny right) and we are now both beginning our thirties. During these eight years our life together has seen many ups and many downs and even right now we are in difficult, but final stages of this pregnancy with t-minus 6 weeks and counting until our little baby girl arrives.

Through these eight years, you have endured a lot, especially the tough journeys of pregnancy. This is have grown and birthed each of our beautiful children.

Local Love: Live Love North {Local Love, Apparel}

Being a mama to two amazing little girls in this generation holds a lot of responsibility. Everywhere we look it seems like a constant battle is happening in the fight for equality and body respect for women. Incredible strides are happening, but we still have a long way to go, and my one hope for my daughters is that they will be able to look in the mirror and be confident in who they are as a human being.

One of the ways that I try and instill confidence in my girls is getting out and adventuring. Sometimes our adventures are low key like a stroll around a little trail, but at other times we challenge them to dig deeper and hike at a more challenging level. 

It isn’t easy, and there have been times when we have had kids just lay on the ground but encouraging them to get up and finish is always incredibly rewarding when you see their faces as they reach the final destination of that hike. They are proud and beaming at what they just accomplished. 

I have been eyeing LIVE LOVE NORTH’s Instagram feed for the past little while. I fell in love with the style and of course the phrases on each piece of clothing that they offer. 

Dressing for Adventure {Adventure/Kids Fashion}

Quality, versatility, style, and function. These are the assets that as parents we look for when purchasing clothes for our children. Since we are a family who loves to adventure, it is even more important that they meet these checkpoints. Being well dressed makes a colossal difference in making an adventure go well. Ain't nobody got time for cold, wet, grumpy children.

With WHEAT KIDS Clothing, you get the whole package. With a Scandinavian feel, you will fall in love with this line of clothing for your littles.

The idea behind this line is that it is a simple yet stylish design. Along with the concept that no clothing should be too precious to be played in. Children dance around the house but also go outside and dig in the dirt and sand all in the same day.

Over the holidays we were blessed to test out some of their outerwear line.