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Prenatal Care with The Tummy Team {Pregnacny/Health/Self-Care}

Although I am only 14 weeks the thought of getting my core ready for birth is strongly on my mind. After I had my second child I noticed that my tummy never fully healed. There was a "mommy tummy" still showing. Regardless of the weight that I lost it never seemed to disappear. This is where women usually think that they are not doing enough core exercises to get that dang thing gone. After a lot of research I came across what is medically called, Diastasis Recti or the splitting of the abdominal muscles.

Diastasis recti” means your belly sticks out because the space between your left and right belly muscles has widened. You might call it a “pooch.” webmd

I learned that crunches and other core exercises were actually making the issue worse by pulling my muscles apart rather than bringing them together and healing.

Photography Series {Online Resources}

One of the first questions I get when I tell people that I do photography is, “Did you go to school?” The answer is no, I did not go to school but I did invest in taking a few online courses to get the basics of my camera. After that, it was YouTube videos, online resources and of course going out and practicing every day.

Since my husband Jon worked evenings back then after the kids went to bed was when I would stay up past midnight most nights absorbing all the information that I could so I can put it into play the next day. Here are a list of some of those resources I used and the online school I invested in. 

I can't be a good friend right now {Motherhood}

There are seasons in life for everyone I believe. Seasons where life is full and bright and seasons where you feel like you are running on empty each day and it is dark all around. These seasons can last for a month, a year and some cases longer. You or they may experience a little sunny break here and there but the clouds may come rolling in shortly after. When those clouds are hovering over, what a friend really needs is grace and understanding.

Crying over Steeped Tea {Pregnancy Update Weeks 8-11}

I’ve been MIA the past month with good reason, one word; nausea. I’m not sure why this time around is really wearing on me. Maybe it’s my age? Maybe my body is tired? This will be my fourth pregnancy in just two years. I am thankful for it but at the same time I’m growing weary. 

Many lovely ladies have given me suggestions but it is overwhelming and really, I have no idea what will work so what do I spend my money on trying? For now I’m just going to take it easy and lay on the couch. My kids have been amazing each and every day. I get teary eyed just thinking about how well they have been taking this. Oh and my husband! My husband has been my rock through this past month. I need to make a huge shout out to him because he has been once again holding us together and this home together. He has been doing all the chores, cooking and putting the kids to bed. He has been waking up early just so he can get the house ready for me before he goes to work. I have just been staring at him in awe at how so very lucky I am to have this wonderful man who loves me in my life. Gosh, how I love him. 

I had my second midwife appointment on two weeks ago and found out that I was actually only 10 weeks and not 12. That was a little blow for me as I was really looking forward to entering into the second trimester and the placenta taking over some of this load. I guess I must have ovulated way later than I had thought. 

I got to hear the heartbeat but not for the first time as I have a doppler at home and listen about once a week. My midwife said it was clear and strong which was reassuring. 

A really strange symptom I have been having is the feeling of hair in the back of my throat. IT IS AWEFUL! Have you ever had this or heard of someone who has?! It’s driving me nuts and is a huge factor to my dates with the toilet. It almost feels as though there is a lump in my throat as well.

I’m really starting to miss enjoying food. So much so that I dream about enjoying it. When I watch TV I get envious of the people eating and I cried over the sweet, amazing taste of my steeped tea from Tim Hortons the other day because I haven’t felt that in well over a month. I have never had food aversions like I am this time around. NOTHING seems appealing and I’m just eating to eat. Which has led me not to gain anything so far this trimester. Since I started with a higher weight I’m not concern by this at all. 

All in the all the only thing that really matters is that this baby taco is here to stay with us. Some days I have doubts that this was the right thing for us and that is only because I do not do well being sick, like not at all. It’s one of my weaknesses. I often think that if I was ever Job (from the bible) that I most likely would have cursed God and died. 

We have decided that this will be our last baby. I do not think I could go through this again and nor would I want to put my kids and husband through it again. The joy that will come once baby arrives will far outweigh my weariness right now and that’s what I’m trying to tell myself to help me through these days. The kids are really excited as well which helps. My oldest asks me questions almost every day about the baby. The other day she was concerned about needing a crib and being prepared so that baby has somewhere to sleep when he or she arrives. 

Things I’m looking forward to in the weeks to come? The placenta taking over. FALL!! Oh I get giddy about dressing up this bump in all things fall. Cooler temps. Schedules that fall brings, I need some structure in my life right now. 

Alright, that’s it for now, I think a date with the toilet is on its way. 

-Adventurous Mama