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It's a.....with Belly Bean 3D/4D Mobile Imaging {Pregnancy/Gender Reveal}

I want to start off by saying if you are expecting and you were thinking about getting a 3D ultrasound you NEED to contact Brie from Belly Bean 3D/4D Mobile Imaging. We found each other on one of the Facebook groups I am a part of for entrepreneurs. I put out a post asking for some collaborations for an upcoming series I am working on. I love when women come together and support each other like Brie stepped up to do.

This pregnancy has NOT been easy for me, at all. I have had to closely watch to make sure that I do not start getting prepartum depression which it has been a close call and I can feel the symptoms creeping up on me. The fact that I had two failed ultrasounds where they couldn't find the gender was upsetting and only added to my misery. Having Brie over in the comfort of my OWN home with my family all around looking at the baby and finding out if it is a he or a she was a gift that I will always cherish.

Brie has been running Belly Bean 3D/4D Moblie Imaging for 2 years. She was in the medical field beforehand and found a passion to bring the gift of viewing your baby at home and Belly Bean was created.

Local Love: Simply Merino {Shop Local}

When we had our first daughter we hadn't learned the lesson right away that good quality outerwear was a must when adventuring with little ones. We would just pack on the layers and try our best to get out and hike. It wasn't until it got into the colder months that we quickly learned that we needed to step up our game when it came to this area.

I remember the exact time when we decided that enough was enough. We were hiking up Tea Pot Hill in Chilliwack, BC. Abigail must have only been about 7 or 8 months old at this time. It was freezing and we had bundled her up as much as we possibly could with what we had at home. When we stopped for lunch we realized how cold she had been and was getting even colder now that we had stopped! We were both so angry with ourselves that we turned around and started back for the car. After that trip, we vowed that we would take the time and money to spend on outerwear that would be fit for our adventurous hearts.

Recently I was contacted by store owner Shannon of Simply Merino. Shannon and her family started this business after they found a passion for dressing their children in the best possible fabric, 100% New Zealand merino wool. They wanted to spread the love that they had found with this fabric to other families and that is how Simply Merino was birthed!

Top 3 Christmas Events {Local Events}

A friend encouraged me to make a quick little post on some of my top events that our family either enjoys or are looking forward to and that have great reputations. If you haven't read my Enchant Vancouver Light Maze post and are considering going to that one I would really recommend reading it before you decide or buy tickets. Unfortunately, seeing how this is their first year it seems like they have MANY kinks to work out.

Here is what we know to be well organized and that we are very much looking forward to this Christmas season.

1.) Timberline Country Christmas 

We were introduced to this event last year and were able to attend twice and it was a blast both times. Timberline Country Christmas is held on Timberline's 73-acre ranch in Maple Ridge, BC. It is usually a year-round camp and retreat centre but in the Christmas season they transform it into a beautiful old-fashioned Christmas experience.

Some activities that are included at Country Christmas are:

Enchant! Vancouver Light Maze Pro's and Con's {Local Events}

Our family was invited to the media premiere of the much anticipated Enchant Christmas Light Maze in Vancouver, BC last night. For the first time, I am at a loss of what to write about this night and tossed and turned for a few hours last night on it all. Our expectations were very sadly crushed from start to finish. Seeing how there were lots of promises to those attending the media night and many did not see those promises I am going to rather talk about the pros and cons if you were to go on a regular night.

Let's start with the pro's.


1.) Your kids will love the maze. It takes very little to please little ones and by adding in a little hide and seek with the Reindeer our children were thrilled to go around and find them all. Each child or big kid even can receive a card with snowflakes and the names of the Reindeer on it. They then have to go around the maze looking for each and getting a stamp for completion. They may even run into Santa Clause on their hunt!