Adventurous Mama

#Kindnessmovement: Update

First off I want to say, THANK YOU. Thank you to those who have been voting every day and even to those who did once. Yesterday was the last day to vote and I chose not to post anything on it for a purpose. I wanted to leave this up to God. The reason for that is even this is in His hands and I felt like I was trying to control it. Now, this is just for me and my own conviction I am speaking on. I am so incredibly thankful to everyone who has been sharing for me and encouraging me to post on it. It was just in the last few days that this was really heavy on my heart.

With saying all of that I trust that the Lord knows who should win this and who needs it the most. I'm praying that I will! BUT if I don't it was still such an honour to be named one of the top 30 this year. I put it on my goal list and I made it! I don't think I have ever really reached a goal before, no joke, so this is such a win for me anyhow. Again thank you community, friends, family, it feels so good when I get an email or speak with you in person and a story that I have shared has hit home for you. Especially those that have opened up to me about miscarriage or depression. It is something that is starting to get talked about more and more and it is something that women need. To know that your baby was yours and living and validated. That just because you have other children doesn't diminish the one(s) that you have lost. Finally, that healing takes time and it is okay to grieve.

Now, that #kindnessmovement. I've been very quiet about it the last few months and that is because I was preparing for India. Rest assured, I am still very much doing it and got some baskets out before I left. One thing that I am struggling with is the aspect of sharing about it but I do want others to be inspired to do the same or to help in some way and reach more people. I honestly can not do this on my own and it has been by the generousness of others that I have gotten this far with it.

I'm running low on supplies and if you or anyone you know would love to partner with me to bring some joy to new mothers, those having a rough time in life right now or even to a stranger that could just use a little pick me up in their day, please email me at ARE YOU IN? And if you are new here and would like more information on why I started this please visit the #Kindnessmovement tab.

-Adventurous Mama

Vancouver Buisness Babes #Momprenuer Mingle {Blogging}

If you were looking for a night to be surrounded by women who are killing it and like minded you need to attend one of Vancouver Business Babes events! It was refreshing and a great way to see those faces beyond all the brands we stock on Instagram and bloggers who I have connected with online but never in person.

It was a close call as I almost didn't make it there but an amazing friend came through for me and I cannot thank her enough. My kids had a blast with her and it is always a bonus when you know the ones watching your kiddos love them almost as much as you do. Thank you, Leila!

You are probably wondering what it was all about. Yes?! Well, it was an evening held at the amazing venue, SKY Hangar to start. Only about a 25-minute drive from Langley which was a huge bonus on many of us Fraser Valley gals! It was a night to connect with brands, collaborate, check out some new vendors, sip and nip on some refreshments and hear from some mompreneur's themselves on everything from how they got started, how many kiddos they have and what they do to balance life while working it like a boss mom!

What to do when you DON'T know what to do {Parenting}

I meant to write this last night. I meant to get up early and write it. The truth is, I'm exhausted. Before I left for India we were having some strange issues with our middle child. It seemed to us some sort of sensory issue. One that we have learned to handle since she was two. It never stopped our family in our in our tracks the way it is now, though.

We are at a loss. Since returning I cannot count how many full out episodes both her, Jon and myself have had. Not to mention the fear at one point that someone was going to record us, in our true culture shaming era and report us for child abuse. 

I hadn't eaten since Delhi to Vancouver. Maybe a few nibbles on bars that I had packed myself that didn't get eaten on the trail. I was hungry and to Subway, we went after my arrival. Elizabeth had to use the washroom so Jon went back inside and took her. When they got back to the van she was getting to the place where a full out episode was on the brim of happening. You see, after she goes to the washroom she will complain that it "feels weird" and demand that we wipe her over and over again. That it still feels like something is there. Not wanting to have to take her back into the store my husband proceeded to try and wipe her inside our van with some napkins we have. Now here is where I was terrified. A truck pulled up just to the side of us and was staring. This person having no idea what we are dealing with could have started recording us and report us. That is what our world has come to these days. Not actually coming up and asking if we need help or if she is okay without jumping to conclusions. Thankfully they just drove off but it was one scary moment. 

Osea Malibu Vegan Skin Care {Review}

I remember back when I was a child and even into my teens years when my mama would have this ritual every night. She would have a bath and after lather herself with creams. I would stand and watch as she patted and rubbed it all over her face and neck. Her choices have changed over the years but one fact remains true, her skin is beautiful and youthful because she cared for it.

Knowing that a lot of skin care out there contains many toxins that are harmful to our face and just like mom, I needed my own nightly, and daily skin care ritual. I did some digging on Instagram, have I said how much I love that social platform, no? Well, I do. I have found many, many amazing shops and toxic free products through there, anyhow I digress.