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Pregnancy update: Week 6 {Pregnancy}

I posted a status on my personal Facebook page recently that read, "Growing a human is hard." The comments flowed in from many friends who are currently pregnant along with other women who have felt what I mean by this. One even mentioned that her doctor told her that it is like climbing a mountain every day. I 100% agree with this doctor!

I'm feeling it this week and I am revelling in it each and every day. Granted, I don't necessarily like feeling like this but I know that it means everything is going well. My baby is healthy.

Today marks the end of week 6 and going into week 7. A milestone I have yet to surpass in my last three pregnancies.

Family Date: Splashdown Water Park #TheLastSplash {Family Fun}

Black, pitch black surrounded me at every side. My heart races with fear and excitement as I speed faster and faster down this black abyss. Suddenly, I see a glimmer of light and I know that I will emerge any second. My feet touch the water first and then I'm laughing with the purest childlike joy. I run back towards the Black Hole saying to myself, "I wanna do that again!"

This is one of my best memories as a child from one glorious afternoon at Splashdown Water Park in Tsawwassen, BC.

Signs & Symptoms Before my BFP {Pregnancy/TTC}

Pre-warning that this post will have a little bit of TMI ( too much information) attached to it. Also, every woman is different that means every pregnancy is different this is just what I noticed about my body and what was different from other months. 

Alright, let's drive into it shall we? I swore to myself that June would be the month that I was NOT going to be tracking anything. Not my ovulation and I would not be looking for anything out of the ordinary. Naturally, this was the month that things seemed way out of the normal.

WE'RE BAKING A....... (Announcement/Giveaway}

A BABY!! It has been a long road to this day friends. Two years and three losses to be exact. Today, I am right on the 6 week mark which is still early however, we talked and instead of hiding away in fear I want to CELEBRATE this baby. Regardless of how this ends, whether we will have to say goodbye too soon or we end up with a beautiful baby in our arms, this will be my last pregnancy. God is ultimately in control of this baby's life and I trust Him.

We found out almost 2 weeks ago.