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The Best Fuel for your Morning Routine + Recipe {Sponsored}

Ahh, good ole’ mornings. I find myself in between disliking them and loving them. On the one hand it means I need to get out of the warm comfort of my bed, very much dislike, but on the other hand, I get my morning coffee and breakfast, very much like!

In the past as a family breakfast was something we rushed through and did not spend quality time on creating a substantially filled meal.  These particular mornings were when the children were a little younger, and we stayed close to home most days. As they grew and our days became more filled with school and programs we noticed them complaining about thirty minutes after breakfast that they were hungry again, with good reason. We were not providing the right fueled foods to get them through our now crammed filled mornings.

Eggs have become a huge part of our daily morning routine in the past few years. Whether it be scrambled, a fried egg over toast, hard boiled eggs or in a breakfast burrito they are always there to give our entire family the energy that we need to tackle our day right off the bat.

Did you know that a single hard-boiled egg contains, vitamin A, folate, Vitamin B5, B12 and B2 along with decent amounts of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Calcium, and Zinc. With 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of healthy fats eggs really are a super food you do not want to miss out on.

In recent research introducing eggs to your baby earlier on has become a great benefit. You bet our Margaret will be chowing down with us around the table as soon as she can.

7 Breastfeeding Hacks All New Moms Need to Know {Motherhood}

I wish when I was a first-time mom that Pinterest and bloggers were more popular the way they are now. Having had hacks like this it may have helped me when I first started breastfeeding. That is what I hope it will do for you! 

Here are 7 hacks I wish I knew when I was a new mom.

Feed Frequently

In the early days of your new littles babes life, it is best to establish that milk supply right away. The best way to do this is to feed your baby at least every 2 hours. With my last three children, I always had a hard time with my supply. I never had quite enough and ended up having to supplement. But with Margaret, I have not had to worry once. 

Margaret was a tiny bit jaundice, so it was necessary to feed her every 2 hours, and I have noticed that my milk supply is plentiful. I do not worry if I will have enough I KNOW that I do. It has been crazy tiring but completely worth it having that confidence in my milk that I’ve never had before.
Also, the feel of your breast doesn’t pertain to your milk supply. If your boobs feel flat, it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have enough milk. 

Clues that you might not have enough milk are:

Fussy at the breast, fussy after eating, weight loss or not enough weight gain, not enough wet or dirty diapers.

Hydrate and Eat

If you want a good hearty milk supply, you need to stay hydrated and well fed. This is also a great benefit to you as well of course! You just went through birth your body needs all the nourishment it can get to recharge and heal.

The Text Message That Changed My Life Forever {Sponsored}

 *This post is sponsored by The Canadian Blood Services of Canada*

What I have come to recognize in this life is that if something does not directly affect you, there is a pronounced ignorance that comes attached to that. This recognition has held true to me a few times. The first, was when my husband lost his brother when we were in the early months of dating. He was eighteen years old, and I had never known the searing pain of knowing and losing someone who was too young to leave this earth. My mind shifted about death after that. No longer when I read about someone elderly passing did it tug at me like it used too. Yes, it was sad when I heard of someone's grandparent passing, but to me, it was the natural way of life. We live, we grow old and eventually die. That’s the way it should be, not witnessing the parent bury their child. 

The second happened almost two years ago when I got a single text message that read, “Please pray, they are testing for leukemia.”