Adventurous Mama

Family Date: Splashdown Water Park #TheLastSplash {Family Fun}

Black, pitch black surrounded me at every side. My heart races with fear and excitement as I speed faster and faster down this black abyss. Suddenly, I see a glimmer of light and I know that I will emerge any second. My feet touch the water first and then I'm laughing with the purest childlike joy. I run back towards the Black Hole saying to myself, "I wanna do that again!"

This is one of my best memories as a child from one glorious afternoon at Splashdown Water Park in Tsawwassen, BC.

Signs & Symptoms Before my BFP {Pregnancy/TTC}

Pre-warning that this post will have a little bit of TMI ( too much information) attached to it. Also, every woman is different that means every pregnancy is different this is just what I noticed about my body and what was different from other months. 

Alright, let's drive into it shall we? I swore to myself that June would be the month that I was NOT going to be tracking anything. Not my ovulation and I would not be looking for anything out of the ordinary. Naturally, this was the month that things seemed way out of the normal.

WE'RE BAKING A....... (Announcement/Giveaway}

A BABY!! It has been a long road to this day friends. Two years and three losses to be exact. Today, I am right on the 6 week mark which is still early however, we talked and instead of hiding away in fear I want to CELEBRATE this baby. Regardless of how this ends, whether we will have to say goodbye too soon or we end up with a beautiful baby in our arms, this will be my last pregnancy. God is ultimately in control of this baby's life and I trust Him.

We found out almost 2 weeks ago.

Photography: How I Started my Business {Photography Series}

It seems like everyone is either a photographer or blogger these days. The reason I think that is is because it gives us the capability to use our creativeness, our imaginations. It is also an amazing source of income for those wanting to stay at home if you work at it.

I remember back in highschool taking a photography course and falling in love with it. I wasn't that great back then but it planted a seed that I would start to nourish after I had my first child. Once Abigail was born my husband and I both wanted to purchase a camera that could take better than ordinary photos. Thus entered our first DSLR camera, a Canon Rebel.