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It was not a part of the Equation {Faith}

My mind has not been able to stop whirling around like a breeze tossing a fallen leaf on a cold fall day, around and around it goes. Even trying to sit down and write this has been a great effort. What have I been working through? The fairness or lack thereof, of..... life. How it is fleeting. How we never know when it will be our time. How cruel it can be. I have spent countless hours crying out to my God this past year and a half. Not only for myself and my babies but for another babe as well. Then having the earth-shattering realization that His answer is, "No." There will be no healing. There will be no future for your babies as my hand clutched my lower abdomen and it groaned in a labor that would not bear me a child that I could hold but was to flush down a set of pipes.
Then having to surrender everything that I had hoped for, by knowing and trusting that this life is not the end. That death should have never been a part of the equation but is, and it is never fair. It has not been easy to wrestle with. I have struggled, battled, pleaded with God.

Darling + Bandit {#Local Love}

For almost every day since I purchased these shirts from local Vancouver clothing company, Darling + Bandit my children have been aching to put them on. I, on the other hand, have been waiting for the perfect day to get them all dressed up and out to the backyard for a little photo ses. They did not disappoint and looking at the photos I cannot believe how big they are getting!

Abigail is wearing size 6 "Talking is my Cardio" tee. Elizabeth is also wearing a size 6 "All dressed up and nowhere to go" tee. David is wearing a size 4 "I will shine bright in the darkness" tee.

I met Trisha from Darling + Bandit about a month ago at one of the local events put on by Vancity Business Babes called Mompreneur Mingle. She was one of the many wonderful ladies on the panel that night and beforehand I got a chance to talk with her one on one which was as lovely as she is.

I wrote about shopping local not too long ago and I had mentioned that it is like a small little community and one of my favourite things about it, is you get the chance to meet and know the person behind the label. You can read more about why I think it is important that we leave a little room in our wallets to support local, here.

Trisha along with a company she works with creates these stylish graphic tees for children ages 2-10. The shirts fit a little large so it can go beyond that as well. The other reason is it is perfect to throw over a swimsuit on the way to the beach! These t-shirts feel amazing, I wish she made them in my size!

The other major thing I love about these tees are that they are printed on sweatshop-free apparel that is made in Los Angeles, CA.

Trisha is offering all Adventurous Mama readers a discount on your purchase with them. Just use the code adventure20 at checkout.

-Adventurous Mama

Be Uniquely You {Self-love}

Nose ring, pink hair, tattoo. These are just a few things that I have done over the past 6 months. Maybe it is because through all the chaos my life has been I needed to do things that I had control over. Or, maybe, just maybe this was me all along waiting to burst out.

I have had many awkward eyes googling over me the past week and it has started to really get to me. You would think that in our culture today seeing someone with pink hair isn't all that different. I even had a man slow down and walk past me again just to get another view. Like, come on!  I digress.

I was never fully confident growing up. I was more a follower of the crowd than stepping out and being who I was inside. I was teased a lot in my elementary years and first few years of high school. Not only by peers at school but also by family members. I never asked questions or spoke out in class. I never joined certain sports in fear of failure or not being "cool" enough. My self-esteem was low and really didn't get that much better into my teenage years. I hid it well, like most of us usually do.

Celebrating 7 Years in Harrison {Marriage}

This past Sunday the hubby and I celebrated our seven year anniversary. It wasn't what we were expecting it to be but it was just what we needed, well at least what I needed.

We dropped the kiddos off at my mom's place and then headed to Harrison late Sunday afternoon. Harrison has been a place that we have always wanted to check out. Unfortunately, Jon wasn't feeling well and I had just gotten my tattoo. I was in a very anti-social mood and was very content in sitting in our room and staring at the amazing view from our balcony and even just the bed at times.

The view was stunning and that alone relaxed me.