Wonderfully Raw: Gourment Delights Organic Snacks {Review & Giveaway}

If you are following me on my Facebook page you would have read that I suffered an intense gallstone attack about two weeks ago. I literally thought I was dying, no joke. I remember at one point telling Jon to let the kids know that I love them and him.

You see, ever since my first pregnancy I started getting these "attacks." I always thought it was just really bad indigestion. About every 3-4 months these attacks happen. They start off as a dull pain in my upper abdominal area and starts to spread around to my upper back. Sometimes they are intense and other times I'm able to take a bath and it will be over. However, the last one came on super fast that I did not know how to handle the pain and ended up hyperventilating and being taken to the hospital. No joke again you guys/gals it is worse than labour pain!

After 5 hours of waiting, I finally got the answer, gallstones. I'm set to have an ultrasound on the 14th but until then I have to keep a pretty strict diet, doctors orders. No greasy or fatty foods, this includes even good fats. I also need to "eat like a bird." Small meals, more frequently.
I have been having a really hard time figuring out what to eat. That is why I am so glad that I got the opportunity to test out some amazing snacks. It has been such a life saver this week when I have no idea what to eat.

A little snack with my afternoon reading.
A company called Wonderfully Raw has created some pretty kick ass snack foods if you ask me. Most popular of these are the Coco-Roons. Made with pure ingredients that you can read, the Coco-Roons comes in four decadent flavours, Brownie, Orange Dreamsicle, Cacao Nib and Lemon Pie. Can you say, yummo!

We cracked open these babies on Canada Day as our afternoon snacks. My oldest wasn't fond of them but if I'm being honest here, she never really does have a taste for things that are different. Our other two gobbled them up, along with my husband and I. After a long morning it was just what we most of us needed as a little pick me up!

The other two that we had the pleasure of delighting our taste buds with were the Snip Chips that are a parsnip coconut bite and the Brussel Bytes which are cheesy goodness brussel sprouts. My husband and I both enjoyed the opposite to each other which was a good thing, I could have the bag to myself. His was the Snip Chips and mine the Brussel Bytes.

Eating and snacking healthy has been a huge goal of ours over the years, especially now since my last gallstone attack. Slowly changing the way we eat has been extremely important. There are seasons where we aren't so good at it but we always try and get back at it when we can.

Having snacks like this makes it so much easier. We know what we are consuming and it frees up our time to spend it like we did on Canada Day, relaxing, while enjoying tunes, each other and great food.

Now for the fun part. In partnership with Wonderfully Raw and me, Adventurous Mama we are giving away each of these delish treats to ONE reader. Enter the rafflecopter below. Winner will be drawn on Tuesday, July 12th, 2016. Good luck friends!

-Adventurous Mama

*Canadian entrants only*

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