We Finally Have A Back Sleeper! {Product Review}

There are endless amounts of baby gear out there in our culture these days. From baby swings to baby bottles, blankets, strollers, wraps, and all of these things evolve as the years go on getting better and better over time.

Three our of the four of our babies have been stomach sleepers. We tried everything to get them to sleep on their backs but nothing would work, and when we flipped them over, sleep finally came for them and us. We trusted that they would be okay, but of course, there was always the worry about SIDS.

This time with our precious Margaret I wanted to make sure that there would be a way we could get her to sleep on her back. That way the worry of a tummy sleeper wouldn't be there this time around.

Before she was born, I was researching baby gear and came across a little something called DockATot. This piece of baby gear was highly recommended, and I started seeing it EVERYWHERE! On my Instagram feed, on my Facebook feed, in my mommy facebook groups. I couldn’t get away from it. I knew it had to be good.

When it first arrived at my doorstep
, it took my breath away a little bit, and I got all giddy inside. Packaged in a large black box, I couldn’t wait to open it, hence why I never got a photo of it. I just could not wait.

We have been using the DockATot Deluxe since Margaret was about two weeks old. I am happy to report she is our first back sleeper! Here’s how I think it helped.


1)      Reinvents the Womb

Because of it’s rounded padded design it “hugs” your baby. I believe this helped immensely when we would transition her from our arms into the DockATot giving her the sense that she is still being cuddled, making her feel loved and safe.

2)      Keeps her Microclimate Regulated

We all know that babies have a hard time regulating their temperature on their own. When the temperature is perfect, they sleep perfectly. With the DockATot is actually helps their microclimate. The microclimate is the space directly affecting their surroundings. The hypoallergenic fabrics allow for excellent air-permeability.

You can also easily unzip the cover and pop it in the washer for easy cleaning. 

3)      Consistency

We not only used the DockATot for her sleeping but also for placing her in it around the house when we had to put her down in a safe spot, tummy time and bonding with the other children.
The DockATot is extremely easy to move from one spot to another that we used it on a daily basis for more than one use. This got her used to being in it on her back throughout the day.

I would highly recomment this baby product to anyone who asks. It is a great investment expecially if you plan on having more children and if you aren't the resale value hold well as I have seen on mommy swap sites. It gave us a great place to put her down in and has been the saving grace for having a back sleeper.

-Adventurous Mama

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