5 Item you Need When Camping with Infants

Summer isn’t over yet, and there is still time to squeeze in one last camping trip. Camping has always been a huge priority for us as a family. Regardless of the challenges that it brings at the end of the trip, we are always thankful that we went.

As each summer passes, we always find different items that truly help camping with children a little easier. Because we had our four-month-old with us this year, we found a few items that extremely helped us.

Here are my top 5 items when camping with infants.

Dock A Tot

I have talked about how amazing our  Dock A Tot has been here. But bringing it camping gave me a whole new appreciation for it. 

I loved the fact that I knew she was safe when sleeping at night. It was also something that was familiar to her for comfort. Because of its lightweight and portability, we bought it to the beach with us where she was able to take a nap while we were down here. 

Light Speed Sun Shade

When we went camping a few years ago, we borrowed a Light Speed Sun Shade from friends of ours, and it was perfect. We wanted to make the most out of the private campers only beach area and stayed there all day.

Having a covered shaded area is extremely important when camping with an infant. Most sunscreens recommend not to be used on infants. This allows you to have an all day beach day and keep baby safe from the sun for most of the time.

Playpen with Fitted Sheet

Camping is not the cleanest activity in the world. There’s not usually a clean place to lay down your baby. I found this hack on Pinterest a few years ago. Bring a playpen and put a fitted sheet on top of it. It acts like a sun shade along with protection from bugs and any falling debris. 

Noise Machine

We were blessed with a tent trailer this year from my mom and grandmother, but that doesn’t mean that noise isn’t an issue. Maggie still needs a few naps during the day and goes to bed earlier than the rest of the kids. I needed some way to drowned out all the noise that would be entering the trailer from outside and at night from the other children.
I ended up just using my cell phone (see first picture) as I didn’t have a battery operated machine. Which is definitely on the list for next year to add to our packing list. The white noise helped Maggie get the naps that she needed, and I loved it as well. I am a very light sleeper. Camping is always hard sleep wise for me, but the noise machine helped me get a few better sleeps.

Warm Clothes

There's nothing worse than being worried about how warm or cold your baby is. We usually pick campsites that are pretty shaded which means the mornings and evenings get chilly.

This year we made sure to snag a few pieces that we knew were going to keep Maggie nice and toasty warm.

Flower Toque and Body Suite: VonBon Apparel
Best Gift Ever Sweatshirt: Kewe Clothing
Grey Pants: Joe Fresh
Sleep Sack: Nested Bean

Happy Camping! Have you camped with an infant before? What was your most helpful item that you brought?

-Adventurous Mama