Adventures along the Fraser Canyon PT.1 {Family Travel}

One of my goals as an adventurous mama is to explore the beautiful province that we live in. British Columbia has some fantastic locations within that we have been excited to discover.

Recently we took a whole day traveling to Hell’s Gate Airtram, Historic Yale and ending our day in Cultus Lake with a boat ride.

Let’s get right into it and start with our time at Hells Gate Airtram.

Hell’s Gate Airtram:

We left our house located in Langley, BC around 8 am and arrived at Hell’s Gate in and around the 10 am mark. With a few bumps along the way like construction and a quick swap of car seats which I don’t even want to talk about, we made it in about 2 hours. 

Hell’s Gate is located in the Fraser Canyon above the Fraser River. The name Hell’s Gate comes from the Voyager, Simon Fraser who crossed this section in 1808 and wrote in his journal, “no man should ever pass through here it was truly like passing through the Gates of Hell!”

They have two parking lots. If it is a slow day do not veer right but travel a little further into the parking lot located right on the site. Also be aware that there is no bathroom on top. 

The tram ride down is only about a four-minute time span. There will be a staff member in the tram with you answering any questions you may have and also giving a little history lesson as you make your descent. 

The last time I was there was when I was about eleven years old. I was just as awestruck this time as I was when I was a kid. The water is surely a power to behold.
There is over 200,000,000 gallons of water raging every minute through this passway. Because of the force of the water fishways were constructed to help slow down the water to aid the salmon that travel on their way to their spawning grounds.

Once we arrived at the Village below, we took our time taking in the scenery and doing all the typical silly pictures with the props provided. 

They had a fantastic kids zone! All located undercover and out of the sun. There was also a ton of seating available under shade as well. Take a break to cool down while the kids make music and play with a Thomas Train table.

Make sure to check out the Fudge Factory and gift shop before you leave. We picked three flavors to enjoy, Cherry Cheesecake, Cookie Monster, and Birthday Cake. My favorite was the Cherry Cheesecake. 

We ended our time there with a bit of gold panning and walking across the bridge. The tram ride up comes every 10 minutes, and it is also only about a five-minute ride back to the top. 

Hell's Gate Airtram is the perfect day trip if you are in the Vancouver area and is a great stop to add to your road if you are heading up North or on your way down to Vancouver.

 Thank you, Hell's Gate Airtram for having us! Check back next week when I share all about Historic Yale.

*we were provided tickets for a media trip. All opinions are my own.*

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