Monday Hustle: Top Podcasts and Webinars You Need To Listen To Right Now

When you are growing a business, it is imperative that you continue to cultivate your knowledge along the way. One of the methods that I love using are podcasts and recently, webinars. The beauty of these two resources is you can do it from home or on the go. 

Being a mom to four, this is a great way for me to get some fresh new ideas and inspiration to get my hustle on when I’m feeling a little burnt out. 

I stumbled on the Goal Digger podcasts by Jenna Kutcher because of Danielle of Vancity Business Babes. Here are the podcasts by Jenna that have a ton of information for you.

Goal Digger: 5 BIG Secrets to Boosting your Instagram Engagement

We all want to master Instagram, don’t we? With the changes to the alorgram, it has become extremely difficult for authentic brands and influencers to grow. Jenna gives you easy and practical ways to help. 

You can listen here.

Goal Digger: 10 Ways to Create Content Calendar

The key to not being stressed out as a blogger is being prepared for the months and year ahead. Set time aside to create a content calendar. Jenna gives you ten methods to achieve this in an easy and successful way. 

I’m still working on this! Tune in here.

Webinar: Hilary Rushford: Instagram with Intention

Yes, another Instagram one. I LOVED this webinar.
Hilary speed through this webinar but it is PACKED full of useful tools to start Instagramming with intention. I also appreciated that it was live video and you could see her talking and interact with her through comments. She made it very personal.

Keep an eye out on her Facebook page to see when the next one is running.

Webinar: Jenna Kutcher:  5X your Traffic using Pinterest without pinning all day

Can you tell I’m really loving Jenna Kutcher these days? Pinterest is something that I need a lot of work on. I know that I am missing out on countless traffic to my blog. 

There wasn't a ton of information in this webinar but I did come away for a little bit to get me off on the right foot!

Keep up the hustle mamas! Always leave room to grow and learn.