Adventurous Mama: Thirty One Lessons on my Thirty First Birthday {Lifestyle}

Thirty One Lessons on my Thirty First Birthday {Lifestyle}

There have been more days than not in my life where I've thought to myself, "Who the hell am I?" Can anyone else relate to that? Especially with social media being a major outlet in down times you tend to compare and judge your life against others. It can leave you completely lost and hopeless. However, at times it has actually taught me to understand who I am. It forced me to stop comparing and start evaluating my own life and passions. 

So who am I? What have I learned in 31 years of life and more specifically the last ten years of my life? Well I'll tell you,
  • I am a daughter of the King 
  • I love giving gifts and blessings others. Gift giving is my love language. 
  • I love to get lost in a book. My favorite is fantasy, nonfiction. Think vampire romance and apocalypse. 
  • I am a movie/TV buff. It's usually how I unwind these days and love talking about my favorite shows with other fans of the same show. 
  • I struggle with self-doubt, a lot. If I'm not invited somewhere, I feel like something must be wrong with me. Got to love social anxiety. 

  • Foodie. Yup, that's me. I also LOVE to cook when the ingredients are fresh and fragrant. 
  • Blessing others with meals has become healing for me. It's a way to nurture a hurting soul while it nurtures my own. 
  • Being a mother has been the most difficult thing in my life but also the most rewarding. 
  • I'm struggling in my relationship with Christ after some major deaths in my life but know God is good all the time. All the time God is good. Regardless of my pain. 
  • We can't escape pain.
  • This world is broken. 
  • We are allowed to grieve. It is not bad or a sign of weakness yet a sign of humanity and healing. 
  • It's okay to have hairy legs in the summer. 
  • I need to take better care of my body, always. 
  • I love champagne and sparkling wine 
  • Panago pizza is THE BEST. Half tropical Hawaiian, half panago classic on regular crust with 3 jalapeƱo ranch dip. Oh and a can of Pepsi.
  • I'm not ashamed of naps. But rather napping is my favorite and always has been. 
  • My body is beautiful. My body is beautiful. My body is beautiful. I may still need to repeat this daily to believe it entirely. 
  • Anxiety and depression have always been in my life, and that's okay. I can recognize the signs and know when it's time to seek help. My mental health is a part of me but doesn't define me. 
  • I flipping love space 
  • Buying ethically and locally is something that has become important to me these past years. Helping to be a solution rather than the problem. 
  • True friendship is hard to find so hold onto it when you do 

  • Accept help when it's offered. You never know when it will come around again. 
  • Forgive often. Don't let bitterness grow in your heart. Because once it does, it's a bugger to get rid of. 
  • People just plain suck sometimes 
  • Love always wins. 
  • Put your phone away with friends. Not everything needs to be documented and answered right away. Soak in the fellowship. 

  • Know your value!! You DO mean something. You CAN make a difference. YOU are unique you just may need to work on yourself to find out how. 
  • Time does not stop for no one or anything. 
  • I love Jesus, but I swear a little. Okay, maybe a lot.
  • Life is full of both pain and beauty. The trick is finding beauty within the pain. A bouquet of roses taught me that. 
As the years shave down so does the facade that my twelve, fifteen and eighteen-year-old self created just to fit in. What's left is a women seeking adventure, motherhood, loving her body and her true self. 

Here's to hopefully many more years discovering who I am. Thanks for being here friends.


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