Thirty One Lessons on my Thirty First Birthday {Lifestyle}

There have been more days than not in my life where I've thought to myself, "Who the hell am I?" Can anyone else relate to that? Especially with social media being a major outlet in down times you tend to compare and judge your life against others. It can leave you completely lost and hopeless. However, at times it has actually taught me to understand who I am. It forced me to stop comparing and start evaluating my own life and passions. 

So who am I? What have I learned in 31 years of life and more specifically the last ten years of my life? Well I'll tell you,

As the years shave down so does the facade that my twelve, fifteen and eighteen-year-old self created just to fit in. What's left is a women seeking adventure, motherhood, loving her body and her true self. 

Here's to hopefully many more years discovering who I am. Thanks for being here friends.


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