Adventurous Mama: Let's Collaborate!

Let's Collaborate!


I am hoping to connect with brands committed to ethically sourced and Eco-friendly products. I love to shop locally the best that I can and support small business owners along with larger companies as well when it is a right fit.  

I believe each brand that I work with is more of a partnership, rather than just solely business. In a partnership, each side is working to help each other nurture and grow along with supporting each other. 

You also are not only working with me but with my family as well. Each brand gets the support of us all. Our kids love to experience adventure, food, and travel. They love learning about local businesses and how they too can make wiser choices through, "shopping with intent." 

I am able to do sponsored posts, reviews and provide social support through all my social media outlets. I do all my own photography where you will receive a high quality, creative output of your brand. 

The community that is a part of Adventurous Mama is mostly compiled of, but not limited to, women in the age range of 25-34 years of age.  They come here to feel that they are not alone in their struggles of motherhood along with encouragement to get out and have an adventure of their own.  They are interested in hearing about businesses that are helping to lift others up.

All those that I partner with are treated with the same commitment from me whether big or small. That means each brand will get 100% of my full devotion to helping to grow and support their brand.

Some examples of companies that I have partnered with include: 


If you are interested in a copy of my media kit please send an email to

You can also connect with me (which I hope you do!) through:

Looking forward to partnering with you!

    Shannon Grochowski

*Please note that sending a product without discussing a feature will not guarantee a review.*