Tradition {Valentine's DIY craft for kids}

Each year the kiddos and I have gathered around out kitchen table and thought, cut, painted and glittered paper hearts. It is such a simple craft and one that we can all get involved in, even myself.

The one thing that may be different about these paper hearts is that take the time to think about what we love about our family and each other then proceed to write it on the back of each heart. The first year we did it, it was just for Jonathon. This year I decided to make it for all of us asking the kids what they loved about me, about dad and about each other. Then I wrote a few things about what I love about each of them, filling up all 14 hearts.

Supplies you will need:
-Valentine colored card stock. {we did purple this year cause that's all I had and didn't want to purchase new red or pink card stock. A mama's gotta save where she can!}
-Glitter {not pictured}
-Paint and paint brushes
-Hole punch {or a pencil if you don't have one, to make holes for the string to string through.}
-String {we used twine}

Before you gather all the supplies, unless you want the kids touching everything and ready to get going, think about all the beautiful things you love about your family. Make sure you give time to each child to think and respond. Write it on a spare piece of paper for later.

Start cutting the hearts. If you have younger children you can do this before hand. Abigail can help but this time I decided just to chat with them while I was cutting.

Then I wrote down all the wonderful things we shared with each other earlier on the back of each heart and started handing it over to each kiddo to start painting.

Then the mess creativity began!

Happy crafting!

-Adventurous Mama

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