Adventurous Mama: #Kindnessmovement


What is the #kindnessmovement you ask? The #kindnessmovement was birthed out of a horrible experience that I went through at our local library. I had just recently lost my dad unexpectedly, while also grieving our second miscarriage. After that encounter I wrote this post, "A Plea for Kindness." My community surrounded me and supported me with a kindness I was not expecting.

It is my hope and prayer that I to can brighten someones day by being patient first off but also showering them with kindness through gifts, meals, folding laundry, an encouraging card or whatever my mind can come up with. Myself along with others support I hope to achieve this. Are you in?

At the bottom of this page you will find updates on how I am using the funds to bless those in my community as well as globally by finding ethically sourced goods and supporting local businesses.

Three more packages all ready to go! (March 9th, 2016)

a care package for a little man who has unexpectedly had complications and is now in Children's Hospital.

Went to Vancouver Island over the weekend and was able to bless someone there!

Encouraging Cards and some gift cards to Tim's going out to some moms I come across in my travels. The other two gift cards that I had went to a few men that were down on their luck.

A care package off to a mama who recently had her second baby. 1 Fish 2 Fish was the local choice this week!

A gift basket about to be put together for a family that's daughter is undergoing chemo treatment. Can you spot the local companies?
A homemade meal delivered to a new mama!

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